Friday, 3 September 2021

Nova Scotia Trip

Nova Scotia Trip 

Jim Moore arranged a ride to the United States for Wings Over the Smokies a few months back. Covid-19 along with the border not opening to Canadians we had put together a secondary Chapter ON-Y ride to Nova Scotia. 

Saturday 28 August 2021 from Warden and Shepard, Jim Moore, Mike Maier, Kristina and Gary McDermott departed for a fabulous trip to Nova Scotia.

Day 1 - Sat Aug 28

 The first day everyone was excited for the adventure to begin. We all had a quick bite than on the bikes and away at 8:00am. Scheduled to stop at Drummondville QC for a total of 765km the weather was so nice we continued to Normandin QC for a total of 939kms stopping at Motel La Seigneure QC. After grabbing subs we all hit the hay.



Day 2 - Sun Aug 29 

564km Ride on 132


Waiting at 6:00am for the rest of the crew to awaken having my morning cigar and coffee

Up early with a light breakfast we departed at 8:00am for Gaspe' 562km away. Riding the 132 was an awesome ride. We all stated we would do this Gaspe' trip again. Following the 132 which is right beside the St.Lawrence River had many sweeping bends and very picturesque. In Sainte-Flavie we came across the Centre d'Art Marcel Gagnon Restaurant and Inn which a friend who did the trip a few years ago recommended. 

The inn was originally a cottage acquired by artist Marcel Gagnon in 1984 in which to exhibit his paintings and sculptures that sit on the beachfront, which eventually grew into its present form as an inn and tourist attraction. You will do a double take when you first see the sculptures as you will think a parade of concrete figures are marching out of the St. Lawrence River onto the beach.

In the village of Sainte-Flavie, on Quebec's Gaspe' Peninsula, Marcel Gagnon created these unusual sculpture, dubbed Le Grand Rassemblement (the Great Gathering), with more than 80 human-like carvings that appear to emerge from the water.

Gaspe' Landscape

Day 3 - Mon Aug 30

606km Ride

Everyone was up early so we decided to depart Gaspe' at 7:30am riding the 132 to Perce'. The weather was great until the last four hours was heavy rain.

Perce' Rock

This limestone island-peninsula, once attached to the shoreline, is of an impressive size: 450m long, 90m wide and 85m high. It can be reached at low tied, Its name derives from the fact that the sea has pierced holes in its structure to form archways. According to some, there were once four arches, but only one large opening, 30m wide, exists today. It is known that one arch eroded in 1845, leaving the pillar known as L'Obelisque. Enigmatic and fascinating immortalized by artists, poets and writers. Perce' Rock is one of the major tourist attractions of Quebec and Canada, and is an important bird sanctuary. Along with lle Bonaventure, it makes up a provincial park (1985).
(The Canadian Encyclopedia)

We ended our day of riding in Shediac New Brunswick

Day 4 - Tues Aug 31

685km due to no motels available in Halifax

The ride starting to show on a few with minor pains. We ended up departing late and had to take the 2:30pm ferry rather than the 11:15am. The weather was dry and nice for riding and we noticed the speed limit is 110km. (WOW) my cup of tea... This was a great day as we started with the Confederation Bridge.

As soon as we were over the Confederation Bridge we had to do a COVID-19 test and show proof of vaccination and entry authorization. 

                       Had a great lunch at the Chip Shack!!!

    Mike having fun on the floating dock.

Wet clothes were being dried waiting for the ferry to board.

Strapping the bikes down for the ferry ride

Enjoying the Sun on the Ferry 

After leaving Swiss Air Flight 111 memorial we headed for Halifax. Spent quite a while in Halifax looking for Hotels, Motels etc. We then had to head two hours north to get Motel. That was quite a long day but very enjoyable.

Day 5 - Wed Sept 1


After observing the weather reports and seeing what was heading our way from New York we said we would head home. The next four days Cape Breton is having heavy rain. We rode 830kms to La Pocatiere QC  watching the weather reports and sat radar. There were severe showers in Cape Breton.

Day 6 - Thur Aug 2


Departed La Pocatière, Quebec with sunny skies at 8:00am. As this was going to be a long ride Kristina and I wore our bluejeans instead of riding pants as they seem to be more comfortable. Jim had a front wheel cover blow off his bike on the highway. Minor damage and no one was injured. At the last On-Route before Oshawa we all pulled over and said our final goodbyes. It was an excellent trip with good friends, great scenery and fabulous food.

Nova Scotia Trip

Nova Scotia Trip  Jim Moore arranged a ride to the United States for Wings Over the Smokies a few months back. Covid-19 along with the borde...